Saturday, December 10, 2016

Welcome to the EDEN system!  

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NOW OFFERING emergency locate request creation online with EDEN.
Please note, Emergency Locate Requests may be entered online with the exception of those incidents involving gas facilities which are still required to call 811 to be reported to Georgia 811.


Browser Requirements
EDEN currently only supports the Internet Explorer browser - versions 6, 7, 8, and 9. If running IE8, IE9, or IE10, Compatibility View must be turned on for the domain. 

: To turn on Compatibility View in IE8 or IE9 go to the Tools menu > Compatibility View Settings and enter into the website list. For IE10 click the Compatibility View button in the Address Bar to display the site in Compatibility View. The button will turn blue when Compatibility View is turned on for a site.

Additionally, all browser pop-up blockers (IE, Yahoo, Google, etc...) must be set to allow pop-ups from



Forgot something from your EDEN training class? - Click here to review EDEN training information 
The link above will take you to the online EDEN information library. Here you will find videos and the EDEN Web Entry Instruction manual. 


If you currently have a EDEN Web Account and need online Locate Request Creation Assistance please contact:
Member Services
By phone at (770) 623-5786
Or by email at