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Due to the current weather event (Hurricane Irma), several Georgia 811 Members have invoked Extraordinary Circumstances to alert excavators that they are unable to mark their underground lines in accordance of the law. This means that the affected member will respond to the Positive Information Reporting System (PRIS) using 3J to notify the excavator of their circumstances.

In order to declare Extraordinary Circumstances, the member must meet the criteria as described in the Georgia Utility Facility Protection Act:
§ 25-9-3. Definitions 14) “Extraordinary circumstances” means circumstances other than normal operating conditions which exist and make it impractical or impossible for a facility owner or operator to comply with the provisions of this chapter. Such extraordinary circumstances may include, but shall not be limited to, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, ice and snow, and acts of God.

After declaring Extraordinary Circumstances with Georgia 811, members must still respond to all applicable requests with the PRIS code 3J. Notifying Georgia 811 is only one step in the process. Extraordinary Circumstances is not fully invoked until utility members respond to any/all locate requests, during their specified time period, with that code.

Once the Extraordinary Circumstance has passed, the utility member must update all instances of 3J responses to the applicable PRIS code.

An additional note for excavators: excavation on requests coded with 3J cannot take place until the request has changed to marked or clear or a similar code.

Hurricane Irma – Click here to see the members who have declared extraordinary circumstances.



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